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Peter Irvine provides legal services to individuals and businesses with focus on (1) entertainment law, (2) residential real estate transactions, (3) small business advising and (4) criminal defense.

Having spent 25 years in the entertainment business, Peter offers a firsthand understanding of, and pragmatic solutions to, the situations of his creative clients. Services include advising on contracts, copyright, trademarks, litigation and licensing.

For people buying or selling a home, Peter offers personal service and quick response throughout the purchase and sale process. Your closing is handled personally by Peter.

For businesses, Peter assists in formation of entities, legal compliance, contract review, leasing, trademarks, and, when necessary, litigation.

Peter also provides criminal defense for indigent clients. The right to effective counsel is a fundamental Constitutional right and a vital part of the procedural checks and balances on government power. In Massachusetts, these services are provided by private attorneys through the Committee for Public Counsel Services.

From his office in the arts mecca of Northampton, Peter assists an international clientele. This small town in Western Massachusetts has a long history as a center of creative activity in all the arts.

Disclaimer: Just because you visit this web site, does not make you a client. This site is intended to allow professionals and clients to become more familiar with the nature of the services Peter Irvine provides. Nothing on this site constitutes legal advice. You are encouraged to consult an attorney with your particular legal questions. Peter Irvine does not provide tax advice. The only manner in which Peter Irvine establishes an attorney-client relationship is through the use of a written agreement. Peter Irvine is licensed to practice law only in the States of Oregon and Massachusetts.